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Microplastic pollution discovered in St. Lawrence River sediments

Scoop it - Fri, 2014-09-19 10:42

Microplastics have been discovered widely distributed across the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, the first time such pollutants have been found in freshwater sediments. The microbeads likely originate from cosmetics, household cleansers, or industrial cleansers, to which they are commonly added as abrasives. Owing to their small size and buoyancy, they may readily pass through sewage treatment plants. Microplastics are a global contaminant in the world's oceans, but have only recently been det

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The truth about the peer-reviewed science produced by Japan's whaling

Scoop it - Fri, 2014-09-19 10:40

Japan claims southern ocean whaling had led to 666 peer-reviewed papers, but international court says there are just two

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